About the Line-Up

Amirah Ali
Amirah Ali is a world pop singer and songwriter whose fusion of traditional Malaysian and modern pop music was introduced to music lovers across the globe through the release of her first single Katakanlah.

Nik Izrin Thani & The Casual Passengers
Nik Izrin Thani is a 23-year-old Malaysian who has been playing the guitar since the age of 14. From 2004 – 2008, he was part of a local band called HIX, but has moved on since to focus on developing his own songs and improving his guitar and singing skills, both acoustically and for a full band. As Nik was unable to attend the recording, his musician friends, the band Adriana & The Casual Passengers perform F.A.I.T.H here.

Project Ei8ht
Project Ei8ht consists of 6 strangers, which the stars conspired to bring together at Multimedia University Melaka. (The yare also convinced that those conniving flaming balls of gas saw to it that they were soon living under the same roof, making music together.) Initially confined to jamming sessions that were basically just excuses to make noise at 3am the band went on to blow the competition to smithereens in several BoTB's. This opened doors to more gigs and brought the band out of its soft shell to rock hard status. Thus, beginning their musical revolution, which they have lived since 2004.
    Paid In Fiction
    Paid In Fiction hails from Kuala Lumpur. Formed in mid-2009, the band comprises long-time friends who always wanted to do their own thing, their way. Little by little, it grew new limbs, from two musicheads to its current line-up of seven arms, legs, toes and extra thumbs. When people ask what kind of music we play, it’s always a challenge to give an accurate description. “Why don’t you give it a listen” is their reply, letting people make their own conclusions.

    Ksatriya specializes in conscious rap/spoken word. Rapper Ksatriya’s eclectic style mixes influences from hip-hop, rock and world music. He misbehaves at http://www.facebook.com/ksatriya.rhymes. Sivasilan plays and composes an amazing range of music - from pop to asli - and is the owner and manager of Cantabile Music studio, Penang. He also has a sweet tooth for all things jazz or latina. Adie plays bass for the metal band ‘Predicate Not Defined’. Joanna is also a singer/songwriter and when she isn't fraternizing with unsavoury hip-hop types, she rocks the mic for her band Mona Lisa Cry.

    * All the songs above are compiled into the Bangkit CD

    Iqbal M. 
    Iqbal M. memulakan pergerakan muziknya sekitar hujung tahun 2010 setelah tamat pelajarannya dalam bidang muzik.Pada masa ini, Iqbal M. telah meriliskan rilisannya yang pertama yang diberi judul "Tembak Tepat" yang memuatkan 5 buah lagu hasil kerjasama Iqbal M. dan beberapa orang rakan.

    "...one that caught my attention was this band called 'keladak'. With harmonica playing lead vocalist, they at times sound like a blues band that’s a little bit jazzy and at time sounds like post-punk post-rock band. I don’t think I could really classified this band. Keladak surely will be on my radar..." - jiboneus.com

    Bittersweet, the combo named after that popular Verve song, were one of the first to rush out of the gates from their hometown of Ipoh – Malaysia’s spiritual indie rock haven – to standout and be embraced by both the fashion-rock intelligentsia as well as hundreds of thousands raggedy indie kids. The regional fringe scene, the band’s peers and their mobs of fans recognise how Bittersweet have passionately and tastefully combined Malay pop yeh yeh sensibilities with Madchester and Britpop cues, absorbed from their teenage years, to become South East Asia’s “new favourite band” for hipsters in the years since they started in 2004. Along with two or three other fellow indie rock revivalists Bittersweet would announce a Malaysian new wave of independent, ambitious bands that became popular on the strength of their Brit-inspired sound and a return to the bombastic stage presence, offstage attitude and glamorous aesthetic of their ‘60s and ‘90s idols.

    AS a monumentally (and mischievously) talented music maverick of immense productivity, Aidil Rusli has become a sort of indie tradition all of his own over the past eight years. His band Couple came into the picture in 2001, a time when “indie” was a fuzzy concept instead of the neon-sized buzz word these days with acts like Hujan, Pesawat and Bittersweet.

    Without a doubt, Couple reaffirmed the lasting power of hooks and melodies and the quartet can be regarded as one of the local indie scene’s defining acts of the noughties era. Armed with lo-fi sounding recordings like Turning Melancholy To Magic (2001), Telegrams From The Heart (2002) and Listening To The Pop (2003), Aidil steadfastly established a name for the band and stayed true to his indie roots.

    Read more here.

    Petak - Entiti yang katanya lemah lembut. Masih mencari siapa diri sendiri dan cepat horny.

    Asang - bukan nama sebenar. Lelaki pasca lewat 20’an, punya wajah yang ganas lagi menggerunkan tapi selalu menulis dalam bahasa puitis yang dianggapnya sendiri, karya agung lewat “noughties”. Berjinak menulis sejak awalan usia. Giat menulis puisi sejak 2008 pasca zaman-kejatuhan-dirinya , berkisahkan kehidupan yang dilalui, dan juga dari pemerihalan pemandangan bebas yang dilakukan. Kini, bertugas didalam bidang yang jauh berbeza dari apa yang selalu disangkakan oleh pihak lain. Masih bujang dan masih single. 

    P/s: Dia suka senyum.Lebor!

    Hocy - "aku suka apa yang aku suka yang kadangkala orang tak suka....kalau aku kurang asam, kau bagi aku asam.."