Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soft launch and gigs where everyone goes bananas!!

Prior to the "real thang" on 2 April, some bands from Radio Demokratika promoted the album and concert by performing at the inaugural soft launch @ Pekan Frinjan 18, Dataran Shah Alam on 5 March and subsequently at the launch of Pusat Rakyat Loyar Burok @ Bangsar Utama on 19 March 2011 where everyone went absolutely bananas! (You've got to see this to believe it. And here are proofs for it.)

Pharee, lead vocal for Lord Bobo's Minions, giving a soulful rendition of "Better thank this" to start off the gig. The song was obviously very moving from the look of his face.

The Sounders performing their soft rock ballad "Lip Service"
. They did a pretty mean version of "Come Together" by The Beatles after.
The crowd obviously didn't mind getting "lip service" from Hidayah, lead vocal for The Sounders. This "loyar" can definitely sing and move!

Temporary captivated the audience with their catchy tune "Shrugs all around".

like Barcode was the only band that had groupies following them around. Unable to resist the suave move and alluring voice of lead singer See Xien, both girls fell to their knees in sheer adoration. We know that Barcode likes to do things differently. They ended the gig by singing "NegaraKu".

They peformed their patriotic duties that day.

Told you so!

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