Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ON THE NEWS: Court-ing Musicians

From The Malay Mail, 3 March 2011.

KUALA LUMPUR: It's hard to imagine straight-laced law practitioners as rocking musicians but that's exactly what some talented members of the Bar Council Constitutional Law Committee have proven themselves to be and have even recorded a song!

MyConstitution is Mine, with lyrics focused on the freedom of speech as provided by the Federal constitution, was recorded by the impromptu band Barcode, made up of talented practising lawyers and law students.

This song is featured in the compilation album Radio Demokratika produced by the Bar Council, in conjunction with its MyConstitution campaign to raise awareness on Malaysian's rights as enshrined in the Federal constitution.

This album also features another 11 songs by established local bands, who had both written and recorded these tunes especially for this album.

When The Malay Mail met Barcode band members at Akarkarya Studio in Damansara, lead vocalist Thean See Xien said: "We were all committee members and since the album was a product of the MyConstitution campaign, we felt we should also contribute because we had a song ready."

Backup vocalist Joanne Leong s a i d : "We've already produced booklets, Facebook and Twitter pages about the campaign. So we decided to also reach out to the public via another channel, music."

Guitarist Paul Linus Andrews added: "We would like more young people to join the cause to increase public awareness and music is definitely one way to attract the young ones."

Darren Teh, who fronts An Honest Mistake, said the band was excited to be invited to contribute to Radio Demokratika which they did with Let's Battle It Out With Vesuvius The Great.

"We hope the song's message reaches out to everyone who listens to it, that is to never lose hope, even in the grimmest of moments," the band's drummer Kevin 'Cottie' Tan said.

The Maharajah Commission bassist Farez Jinnah, who also performed with Barcode, said: "Our music is simple, light and with a solid groove. Our song Where Got? is about how one should never lose his or her identity."

He added jokingly: "It's also something of a Malaysian vampire love story."

Radio Demokratika is available at Rock Corner music shops at RM29.90 each and will be sold at a discounted rate of RM20 at the pre-launch concert at Dataran Shah Alam on March 18.

The official launch concert will be held on April 2 in Penang at a venue yet to be confirmed.

The Malaysian Bar Council, realising the urgent need to educate the rakyat about the constitution, launched the MyConstitution campaign on Nov 13, 2009. The campaign will continue till September this year. The campaign aims to promote awareness using workshops, seminars and distributing pocket-sized booklets explaining the constitution in simple language.

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