Saturday, March 26, 2011

Come catch Amirah Ali live @ Rock 4 Rights :)

Katankanlah’ was written in response to certain events in Malaysia regarding racial intolerance. Questioning this, Amirah asked herself if this was what God would want us to be doing to each other. Intensely compelled to express her feelings, she wrote this song. The subsequent arson attacks moved her to post a video of ‘Katakanlah’ on YouTube to encourage people to question and reflect on their thoughts and actions regarding the situation. Her YouTube video received over 2,000 hits in its first two days and was featured on many blogs, as well as on the English and Malay news of Bernama TV Malaysia. The success of her video made her realize that many other Malaysians also wanted a true Malaysia.

This song is part of the Bangkit CD Compilation by Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia. The Bangkit CD will be on sales during Rock 4 Right, at RM10 (at cost price).

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